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五莲县金洲石材有限公司 始建于一九九五年,是集矿山开采、石材加工、销售、安装于一体的大型石材企业,现拥有多片锯15台、圆弧锯2台、自动磨机4台、电脑控制自动化切机20台,矿山3座。总资产9000余万元,年产值5000余万元,是五莲县石材行业的龙头企业。五莲县金洲石材主要生产五莲花、五莲红、五莲灰三大花岗岩品种的山东石材、五莲石材、五莲红石材、五莲花石材、路沿石、工程板材以及各种异型石材。



Wulian Jin Zhoustone MaterilaCo.,Ltd。Was established in1995,and is a liability company which integrates mining, stone material processing,sales,installation together.In the company there are 6 sets big saws, 2 sets circular saws,4 sets auto grinding machine,4 sets auto cutting machines controled by computer and 3 mines, whose property can reach 12.00million yuan;profit1.20million yuan.It is the large enterprise playing leading reading role fo stone materrial industry in Wulian County.

For many years, our company has followed the ain of”Value quality,keeping good faith, and paying attention to the enterprise image”. Wecontinously work hard and make progress, so we have made gratifying results in stone material industry. For running years, our company has been elected”advanced star enterprise,” model big taxpayer”by the government,”Youth cvilization enterprise”by the municipal committee fo Youth League and elected the enterprise of “Value contract and keep good faith”

President of the company Tian Wen feng together with the staff, is waiting for all the friends from home and abroad to come to Newsi dun for cooperation.Our perfect produncts and service will surely satisfy you.

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